jewellery object, plastic/aluminium/wood, 205x110x25 mm, 2017
 necklace, plastic/aluminium/wood/brass, 450x140x45 mm, 2017
 Invitation to the opening of Re-handle at Platina, Stockholm, April 27.
 jewellery objects, wood/plastic/aluminium/rubber/leather/steel, 750x150x30 mm/350x195x30 mm, 2017
 necklaces, plastic/aluminium/wood, 600x100x40 mm/430x135x25 mm, 2017
 necklaces, plastic/wood/aluminium, 550x50x50 mm, 2017
4967 web.jpg
 jewellery object, plastic/aluminium/steel, 300x195x65 mm, 2017
 jewellery object, plastic/wood/aluminium/leather/brass, 140x100x30 mm, 2017
 jewellery object, plastic/wood/steel, 115x55x55 mm, 2017
 necklaces, plastic/aluminium, 410x160x30 mm, 2017
4545 web.jpg
 jewellery object, plastic/aluminium, 740x110x25 mm, 2017
 necklace, wood/plastic/aluminium, 610x110x30 mm, 2017  Model: Karin Robling
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