När plasten blommar , necklaces made from recycled plastics/wood/aluminium/polyester cord/brass/copper, 2019

När plasten blommar, necklaces made from recycled plastics/wood/aluminium/polyester cord/brass/copper, 2019

I work with jewellery, corpus and objects. I am educated within the craft’s field, in a strong silversmithing tradition. I still reside there, in a material-based practice, where craftsmanship is of great importance, but I have exchanged metal for plastic.

My work with plastic began with lust and a strong yearning for colour. Plastic holds colour in a beautiful way, homogeneous and with clarity. The material I work with is recycled plastics, often toys and kitchenware. The reference to play is important. To me it means I continuously try to approach the material without judgement.

Lust is still central in my process. Lust is emotions, thoughts and actions that flow much faster than the understanding of itself. And simultaneously with a deep and wordless knowledge of its meaning and purpose. When lust is absent, I look for it in small details, small actions and decisions, within monotonous motions. In this way lust is my work method. At the same time, I build jewellery that often takes on bodily shapes and erotic expressions, that holds ideas concerning sexual lust, and gender expression and identity.

My work also touches on kitsch; how we value materials; and not least, my work questions our relationship with plastic. A topical question to which I don’t have a clear or politically correct answer. I see before me a dialogue with and about plastic, both my own and societies’, that needs to continue a great while longer. Perhaps because we are so intimately involved with plastic.

När plasten blommar (Plastic in bloom) is my latest project. It has developed from previous project Synthetic fruits but rather takes place before the fruits have ripened.